F104 TEC Fire

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Fire Safety Engineering (Fire Safety Solution) architectural

Approved Document B of the building regulations consideration of Approved document M Access

Regulatory reform (fire safety) order

Design Features, Active fire measures and Passive fire protection that will achieve the balance between the needs of the building and safety

Loss prevention standards (LPS) commercial control of building construction (promoting best practice) insurers like eg zurich therefore lower premiums construction to a higher standard

BRE Global


consideration given to the behaviour during a fire

real thought needs to be given to the tall buildings of today where they are too high for water to get to the top.

Three criteria used to assess fire resistance of a material or an assembly are:

  • ability to support its load by retaining its strength in a fire
  • resistance to fire penetration
  • insulation

some of these elements need to display all three characteristics; some only one eg fire doors only need to display fire resistance.

The approved document B divides buildings into different purpose groups which determine the construction requirements for the building. it is then further developed on height. buildings 5m or more require a longer period of fire resistance.

The fundamental objective of fire precaution and safety to ensure adequate provisions and time for the safe evacuation of the building

  • adequate signage
  • illumination of escape routes
  • adequate means of escape

Factors influencing the design as a means of escape

Nature of occupancy- major factor; offices wont be as onerous as hotels or shopping centres which require high compartmentation for the former and large capacity escape routes for the later.

Type of building- construction, degree of openness, fabric fire rating, ability of fire to spread and the likely consequenses.

Degree of Risk- flammable materials stored in the building, what type of processes are undertaken, if there was a fire what…


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