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  • Wood
    • Plywood
      • Built of odd layers of thin veneers of hardwood or softwood called laminates each one running at 90' to each other, glued together with pressure applied
        • Advantages: strong due to layer construction, resistant to warping and cracking, cost effective
        • Issues: porous due to the way the layers are built, splinter badly when cut
        • Uses: chests & cabinets, roof construction, flooring, chairs
    • Blockboard
      • built with strips of softwood sandwiched between two sheets of hardwood on the top and glued together under pressure
        • Advantages: strong, cheap, resistant to splitting, lightweight, does not shrink
        • Issues: retains moisture, not as strong as original wood, needs veneer on edges
        • Uses: furniture, bedroom units, kitchen worktops, table tops
    • Chipboard
      • made up of wood particles including shavings, dust, chips, glued together under pressure
        • Advantages: easy to use, cheap, aesthetically presented with a variety of wood-like features
        • issues: likely to crack and fall apart over time, retains moisture so will swell and become unusable, when cut leaves rough edges
        • Uses: kitchen tops, fire doors, shelving, furniture
    • Hardboard
      • made from wood fibres obtained from chips and pulped wood waste. pulp is put under pressure until bonded leaving one side smooth and the other rough
        • Issues: not suitable for outdoor use, weak, poor resistance to water
        • Uses: notepad holder, drawer bottoms, doors, pacakaging
    • MDF (medium density fibreboard)
      • made from fine wood dust and resin pressed into a board, worked, shaped, machined easily, painted without primer or undercoat
        • Advantages: strong and durable, easily made, easily cut shaped and drilled, manufactured in several different forms, can be fire and water resistant
          • Uses: flooring, kitchen cabinets, joinery, panel moulding. cladding
        • Issues: heavy, easily split and damaged, can damage blunt tools due to glue used, harmful to health when being cut, unless treated will absorb moisture and swell


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