Exploitation and development of tundra areas and the Southern Ocean

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Exploitation and development of tundra areas and the Southern Ocean


Why are tundra areas so fragile?

- Short growing system of 50-60 days meaning there is not a lot of time for damaged area to recover = take a very long time for it to recover

- Permafrost areas are very easily damages = create thermokast (large boggy areas).

- Loss of ecosystem and vegetation greatly decreases wellbeing of animals as they small variation of species living in tundra areas are very dependant on the ecosystem and vegetation for life. (Only 48 species). 

What is the traditional economy of tundra areas? 

- Gwinch'in people in Northern Canada; fishing, hunting and herding reindeer or caribou = particularly dependant on the caribou to sustain economic structure (trade/food/other essentials).

- More recently the modern market has caused huge stresses and pressure on indigenous people - putting some factors of traditional life at threat. 

How were tundra areas first exploited?

- 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. Within the first 6 months of the first returnings of bags of gold, 100,000 gold seekers had set off to Yukon in Alaska (in the Arctic Circle). Many miners on the journey were exploited due to lack of information. Miners were falsely leaded by


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