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· Ecosystems that struggle to recover from
damage, because of the harsh climate
· There is a short growing season, so plants don'
t have much time to recover
· Animals and plants will find it hard to survive
if their environment changes
· Decay is slow, so pollution lasts for a long time
and is broken down very slowly.…read more

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· Disrupts food chains eg krill fishing in
Southern Ocean affecting whales and
· Overfishing can deplete a population beyond
recovery eg Baleen Whales
· Bottom trawling catches unwanted species
and degrades the sea bed.…read more

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· Oil spills can occur during ship transportation
eg off the coast of Alaska in 1989. 250,000
birds and fish killed
· Oil spills can occur from pipelines. The Trans-
Alaskan pipeline has 30-40 a year…read more

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· Mining can lead to ground and surface water
contamination by chemicals, or the mined
materials (zinc and lead)
· Mining produces solid waste and wastewater
that can be released into the environment.…read more

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· Newcomers from Europe in 17th century
arrived in tundra areas
· There were good opportunities for hunting
seals and whales
· The disease brought by them killed 90% of the
· Also reduced the number of seals and whales
that they inuits relied on
· Unemployment and alcoholism high among
native settlements
· Many now stay put rather than being nomadic…read more

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