Explain how the bible shows God as Good. (25)


a)      Explain how the bible shows God as Good. (25)

A theological definition of the goodness of God is “the collective perfections of His nature and the benevolence of His acts.” Gods goodness within the bible is demonstrated within the Old and New Testaments through the theophany’s of God and how he interacts with humans: through his nature and through his actions. God’s Goodness is shown in The Creation, the sacrifice of Isaac and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

The Creation story in Genesis shows God’s goodness. The very act of creation is evidence of God’s goodness expanding and expressing himself. In the beginning god creates – this is an act of giving by god for no gain. At the end of each day’s creation God declares his work to be ‘good’ and his creation is perfection. The bible states that God saw his creation “And he saw it was good”, this shows that God’s actions result in good ends. Also, “god breathed life into his nostrils”, which shows god’s goodness as it is couples with his creative power.  In chapter 2, God saw that it was “not good” for Adam to be alone, and so He created a wife for him (2:18-25). God punished Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit and so God banished them both, which shows that God is just and punishes the disobedient.

Furthermore, the goodness of God’s actions is not a matter of human judgement…


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