God the Creator


God the Creator

In the bible God is described as the creator. This is put down as fact and does not come across as debatable in any way, but the nature of God is most clearly seen in Genesis, Job, Psalms and Isaiah. 
Within Judaeo-Christian tradition there are a number of key things that are meant when God is described as creator:

  • God causes the universe to exist.
  • God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and existing at every moment. 
  • God is responsible for everything that exists within the universe. 

These ideas are all derived from the bible. 

God as Creator

The Judaeo-Christian tradition believes that God is the Creator and this is taken for granted. For example, a christian tradition of the Apostle's Creed begins with I believe in one God, the Father the almighty, maker of heaven and earth'. 

'In the beginning when God created the heavens and earth' (Genesis 1:1)

The belief in God as Creator centers on the idea of God creating the earth. In the story God's breath/wind moves over the earth and shapes it. He commands that there is light, dark, fish, birds etc (it is important to know that God creates everything in the beginning of this story). 
In Genesis 2, the second creation story also refers to God creating people - Adam and Eve. God is referred to as walking into the garden in the cool of the day, this is a very human image, however it is not saying that God is like a human being. God the creator is elsewhere in the Bible pictured as being above creation, responsible for everything in it and the universe itself continuing to exist.
Isaiah 40 describes God watching over creation and the people in the creation are compared to grasshoppers in the sight of God. What matters in the Judaeo-Christian tradition is that God is in control of his creation and is responsible for the creation existing every second of the day. 
Aquinas points out that wether the world had a beginning is not the major issue. What really matters is that God causes everything that exists to exist.  

The Craftsman

God the creator is compared to a craftsman and this is clearly seen in Job 38 when God is described as the designer who laid the very foundations of the earth; he is also pictured being in control of the sun and moon. We know today that the sun and the moon follow regular patterns of behaviour that are explainable in scientific terms. 
The important point is that God as the Creator is responsible for the world existing and everything in it that exists. In Genesis 2 God making Adam from dust is likened to a potter shaping the clay. This is a human-like image of God. An image which likens some aspect of God's nature to that of a human being is called anthropomorphic. 

God is in Control

God as Creator is clearly viewed as being in control…


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