God and a Creator, inc Prime Mover

God as a creator 

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George O'Keefe God as a Creator
"Explain how the Bible portrays God as a creator"
The JudaeoChristian concept of God is seen as an omnipotent being, God is allpowerful and
nothing compares to him. Christians believe that God is responsible for bringing the universe into
existence and that everything owes it's existence to God's creativity. His concept of omnipotence
is key because they believe God is also omnipresent, he stands beyond space and time itself.
Christians believe because God is omnipotent, that he created the universe from nothing, this idea
is called Creatio ex nihilio. Creation from nothing is a latin term and the meaning behind it is
displayed in the Bible. "God created the heavens and the earth" Genesis 1:1, it suggest that
before God did this there was nothing. God didn't just make the universe because otherwise the
bible would have stated it, instead it states clearly that God created things. The whole book of
genesis doesn't argue against God creativity, it is stated as fact. To do otherwise would suggest
that God isn't as powerful as Christians believe, to create something from nothing is far more
impressive than to make something from preexisting materials. Christians believe that God is
immutable, he doesn't change because he has no potential to change. Something Aristotle would
disagree with, he believed that everything has a cause and a purpose to it's existence, therefore he
would say that God cannot be immutable or eternal like Christians believe because everything has
a cause. Nothing can exist from nothing, something must have caused something. Aristotle had a
theory about causation, he believed everything must have a purpose, and it could be argued that
God serves no purpose now. God has created the universe therefore he is no longer needed.
God's omnipotence is displayed throughout Genesis 1, the first thing God created was light "Let
there be light, and there was light" 1:3. Genesis 1:15 is similar to the Babylonian myth of creation
where by before the heavens and the earth were created there were only swirling waters and that
God didn't created the universe, but only installed order into it. However this could still be seen as
omnipotence as it would take a higher being to installed order of matter. Going back the 1:3 of the
creation of light, its not seen as part of God but a separate creation nor is it the Sun because that is
created later. But Christians believe it's the concept of light and dark that is created. Another
theory could be a reference to Plato's analogy of the Cave, whereby the creation of light itself is
not actual light being created but enlightenment to religion. When the light is created it could be
like the prisoner escaping into the real world. Over the six days of creation God the Bible displays
God creating in the same format, "Let there be... and it was so", although this is a clear sign of
omnipotence as God merely has to speak and thing were created. It could also be another
argument to suggest that God didn't create from nothing. If the Bible is using the same set format
to show God's "creation" it could be see the creation account be ordered. Using the same phrase
of "Let there be" is showing standardisation and could be considered a reflection of God only
organising and ordering matter to make the earth. On the other hand it could also dismiss this
because the focus is only God's word, if god is saying "Let there be" and there is, it suggests that
God could have commanded the universe into existence because he is ordering other things to
exist and the Bible is showing them as existing after God has spoken.
All of the things created in Genesis 1 are shown after as being "Good", and after all of creation
had occurred God said it was "Very Good". This show's God being benevolent as all he has
created it good. As God is seen as perfect who cannot be able to created anything other than
good, meaning that any bad and suffering that is displayed on earth is the direct abuse of God's
goodness, this is shown later in Genesis 23 when Eve disobeys God.
God is also shown as a craftsman in his creation of the world, this shows that God is in touch with

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George O'Keefe God as a Creator
humanity because a craftsman "crafts" something into existence or being with care and precision.
The Bible uses metaphors of craftsmanship to show how he creates things. From a sociological
point of view this could contradict the idea of God being a creator or good, Marxist believe that
religion is only a control system of the working class and poor.…read more

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George O'Keefe God as a Creator
God as a PM must cause things without being caused himself and not be part of the cause and
effect chain. God and Prime Movers must be separate from Time and Space and they must be
different from everything else and have no potential to change. God has not potential to change as
he is perfect and he is everything he ever could be and everything he ever will be right now.…read more


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