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George O'Keefe God as a Creator

"Explain how the Bible portrays God as a creator"

The JudaeoChristian concept of God is seen as an omnipotent being, God is allpowerful and
nothing compares to him. Christians believe that God is responsible for bringing the universe into
existence and that everything owes…

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George O'Keefe God as a Creator

humanity because a craftsman "crafts" something into existence or being with care and precision.
The Bible uses metaphors of craftsmanship to show how he creates things. From a sociological
point of view this could contradict the idea of God being a creator or good,…

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George O'Keefe God as a Creator

God as a PM must cause things without being caused himself and not be part of the cause and
effect chain. God and Prime Movers must be separate from Time and Space and they must be
different from everything else and have no potential…


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