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human rights

censorship- the practice of surpressing and limiting access to materials considered obsene, offensive or a threat to security. people may also be restrited in their speech by censhorship laws. 

discrimination- acts of treating groups of people or individuals differently based on prejudice

extremism- believing in and supporting ideas far from what most people consider correct or reasonable

human rights- the basic entitelments of all human beings, afforded to them simply because theyre human

personal convivtions- something a person strongly feels or believes in

prejudice- pre judging someone to be inferior or superior without cause

absolute poverty- an acute state of deprevation whereby a person cannot access the most basic of their human needs

relative poverty- a standard of poverty measured in relation to the standards of a society in which a person lives, eg living on less then the average income of the area

social justice- promoting a fair society  by challenging injustice and valuing diversity. ensuring that eceryone has equal rights to oppurtunities, provisions and rights.


adultery- voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse

divorce-to legally end a marriage

cohabitation- to live together in a sexual relatinship without being married or in a civil partner ship 

commitment- a sense of dedication and obligation to someone or soemthing

contraception- methods used to


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