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What are the key concepts?

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Key Concepts

Some Key Concepts of conflict are

Conscience an inner voice which keeps a person on the right track

Non Violent Protest shows disapproval of something without any violence

Reconciliation is making up after a dispute and then coming together

Just War Theory a war which is fought under agreed conditions

Pacifists people who do not agree with any kind of violence

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What is someone's conscience? It is an inner voice which tells them right from wrong.

What is non violent protest.? Give two examples of it. It is when people show their disapproval for something without hurting anyone, some examples are: The Bus Boycott & The Salt March

Give the definition of reconciliation. To make up a make come together with someone - when someone is truly sorry they reconcile.

What is the Just War Theory, who developed it and what are the conditions? It is a war fought under agreed conditions; A Just Cause, Comparative Justice, Legitimate Authority, Right Intentions, Probability of Success, Last Resort and Proportionally. It was developed by St Thomas Aquinas.

What is a pacifist? Give an example of one. Someone who does not fight or believe in violence, and example of one is Gandhi.

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Corrymeela tries to bridge the gap in Northern Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants. They come together and work, talk and live together - they attempt to Reconcile with one another and try to forgive and forget. Some people live there but you can just come for the day.

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