Religion and Medicine

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PRO-CHOICE = for the choice of the mother
PRO-LIFE = For the right to life of unborn child

Do not kill (Ex 20)
Sanctity of Life Doctrine - all life is sacred as made in Gods image
Psalm 139 - 'For thou didst form my inward parts' so foetus is made by God
1968 Humanae Vitae - letter from pope condemning abortion
Anglicans allow under certain conditions such as **** (the lesser of two evils)

1st Precept 'Abstain from harming any living thing'
Human life is special as only humans can reach Nirvana so should be protected
Show Karuna (compassion) to mother
Having the right intention is most important

Sanctity of Life - life is sacred so don't destroy
Quality of Life - for an unwanted/ disabled child or a mother who is a **** victim

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Jesus showed compassion so should show compassion to the sick
Do not kill (Ex 20)
Belief healing comes in heaven

Show metta and Karuna to the sick
Having right intention is important
Could generate bad karma
Ahimsa (non-violence)
Only humans can achieve Nirvana so human life must be prolonged
1st precept - abstain from harming any living thing

Hippocratic Oath - doctors promise to protect life, not to end it
Quality of Life - do the terminally I'll have a good quality of life
Sanctity of Life - life is sacred and should be preserved OR
If life is sacred, we should respect those in pain

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