Key words etc... for Religion and Human Relationships

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Key Words

Key Words:

Annulment: The decleration from the pope that says that a marriage was never true in the first place/ never proper

Celibate: A person who does not get married, normally for a religious reason

Civil Partnership: The joining of two homosexuals in a legal partnership

Cohabitation: When a couple live together but aren't married

Conception: the point at which the egg becomes fertilised by the sperm and the cell divides to start a pregnancy

Contraception: a natural or artifical way of stopping a pregnancy

Divorce: the legal (not religious) seperation of a couple

Dominant: To have power or authority over someone else

Hetrosexual:to love someone of the opposite sex

Homosexual: to love someone of the same sex

Marriage: the legal and religious joining of two poeple

Ordiantion: the ceremony which makes somone a preist or vicar

seperation: the seperation of two people that does not legally end their marriage

Submissive: someone who is lower down than someone else in authority

Vow(s): promise(s) made from one another in a marriage

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