english nation in 1509

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What were the features of the english nation in 1509 and how henry strived to change it

Henry VII

  • england was sa stable country prior to Henry VII although not in a political sense

  • henrys foreign policy was in the context of england being weaker than other countrys like HRE and France

  • vigilant as to any help that foreign countries might offer

  • henry was hanging by a thread in terms of treatment of nobility and his dealings with finance

  • needed the cooperation of the nobles to help his security but did not want them to have too much power

  • tried to control power of the nobles and tried to mazimise financial situation as a means of bolstering his security

  • years of financial oppression had overshadowed his relationship with the nobility (angry)

Henry VIII

  • Thomas More 'this day is the end of our


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