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Dale Spender


Women are aware that male superiority is a myth and they deal with this knowledge in numerous ways

May range from disillusionment to elation, from masking their feelings in an attempt to hide their disappointment and preserve the myth, to out rightly declaring their knowledge in an attempt to explode it.

Male superiority is not to be confused with male power: only one is a myth which can be exposed and eradicated by knowledge, by a change in consciousness. While they are different, however, they are also inextricably linked, for male superiority has served as a justification for male power.

We construct a view of the world in which males continue to be seen as superior, and females continue to be seen as inferior, thereby perpetuating the myth and reinforcing the justification for male power.

Differences in conversational styles actually turn out to disadvantage women, contributing to women being effectively silenced.

Zimmerman & West

Dominance Theory:

In mixed sex conversations, men are more likely to interrupt than women

Recorded small conversations from University of California 1975

In 11 conversations between men and women – MALE: 46 interruptions FEMALE: 2 interruptions

Found in their set of data that 96% of all interruptions were made by men. They concluded that women had restricted linguistic freedom and men impose their dominant status.

Conclude that; since men interrupt more often, then they are dominating or







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