Answers to quiz questions on AS English Language B Unit 2 Language and Gender theorists

The answer sheet to quiz questions on Language and Gender theorists for AS English Language B unit 2.

See here for question sheet.

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English Language ANSWER
Language and Gender: Spoken Interaction
Quiz on Theorists

1. What was the book by Robin Lakoff called?
"Women's Language"

2. What did Lakoff discover about women's language use? What features did it
Women use a range of specific language features (tags, hedges, fillers, rising intonation).…

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13. According to Fishman, what were they used to show?
Used not to show weakness but to facilitate discussion.

14. Complete the sentence: (Fishman) `Women are doing the ...'
Interactional shitwork of conversation.

15. What did Holmes say that (the above) were?

16. What did she distinguish them as?…

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A form of high status given to non-standard forms.

30. According to Trudgill, what are men more likely to use? What do they attach
to these?
More likely to use more non-standard forms than women ­ men attach covert prestige to
non-standard forms.

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