Quiz questions on AS English Language B Language and Gender Unit 2 theorists

Quiz questions on the theorists that make up Unit 2: Language and social contexts (Language and Gender)

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English Language QUESTIONS
Language and Gender: Spoken Interaction
Quiz on Theorists
1. What was the book by Robin Lakoff called?
2. What did Lakoff discover about women's language use? What features did it
3. What did these features indicate about women?
4. Who were the theorists who discovered the concepts of dominance, power
and interruptions in their research?
5. Who are more likely to interrupt with assumptions?
6. What was the percentage of interruptions in mixed conversations made by
7. What were women restricted of? What did men try to impose?
8. What key terms and concepts were the result of O'Barr and Atkins' research?
9. How many hours of conversation did they record? Where was it recorded?
10. What did they find as a result of this recording? What did they conclude
11. What did Fishman & Holmes research?
12. How many times did women use (the above) more than men?
13. According to Fishman, what were they used to show?
14. Complete the sentence: (Fishman) `They are used to do the ...'
15. What did Holmes say that (the above) were?
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What did she distinguish them as?
17. Who wrote about socialisation and competitive & cooperative speech styles?
18. What did they find out about girls & boys being socialised?
19. What type of talk do boys develop? What are its characteristics?
20. What was the title of Deborah Tannen's book?
21. What did Tannen see men and women as?
22. Complete the phrase "Women speak and hear a language of..."
23. "where men speak and hear the language of"...
24.…read more


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