Electra- Female Characters

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Nature: Tragic heroine when she is first introduced

Personality: Sad, tragic, in constant mourning, stubborn

Relationships with others

Chorus: Caring mother/daughter relationship, they are her replacement mother almost and on her side (Don't give up, never give up, child)

Chrysothemis: Dislikes her, and believes that she has betrayed her and their father by staying with their mother (That is a coward talking). 

Clytemnestra: Depises her and holds her responsible for the death of her father(Could anything be worse than that, whether it was just or not?). Not typical mother- daughter, as Clytemnestra also dislikes Electra (You insolent *****!)

Orestes: Admires him in a God like fashion, and believes he can save her eventually (I have bide my time, waiting for Orestes, to come back and put a stop to this)

Function of Electra: Act as instrument of revenge and prove Clytemnestra's villiany

Character impact: Make feel sympathy for the loss of her father, and being a servant to her family. But also see her flaws- refusal to stand up for herself.

Three scenes:

1. The opening scene with Chorus (parados)

2. Scene with Chrysothemis (epeisodion)

3.  Believing


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