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Directors Interpretation
My interpretation would focus on the rise in gang culture across the planet, but focus in on America
The `sub-plot' or message of the production would be about gun control in America
The Athenians would become the Crips and the Spartans the Bloods; the two notorious gangs…

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Mixes to focus on both facial expression and body language

Naturalistic production will require a lighting style that helps create an authentic relative set

Lighting from above

When something bad or negative happens the lighting will drop and comeback up a bit dimmer to

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No specific stage shapes
Not set chorus area

Centred large stage
Audience seated all round the stage in a scattered arrangement to make easy audience member feel
like a passerby witnessing these events

Actors leave stage though audience after scenes to change
No levels, the actors…

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To show how gang culture has made girls desire to look sexy and desirable and that it can make
some girls proud of their image
Show the change from `gang whore' to self-righteous
How people mourn her death ­ does her reputation affect this?

Movements and Gestures:
Seductive glide…

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Make the actress feel strong and empowered
Give the actress a reason to actually hate the gang

To at first judge the character her due to her image, but then realise she is just like the other girls and
is being vindicated because of her strong personality and appearnce…

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Stereotypical gang leader
New motive from original, to show the actual vindictiveness of gangs

Movement and Gestures:
Big, intimidating movements
Lots of facial expressions

In Relation to Other Males:
Most vulgar
Objectifies the women unlike the Magistrate

Approaching the Character:
Lots of gang research
Arrogant and dirty
No remorse and…

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Ego boos
Must be head strong and bold with how they move and communicate

Identifiably the government body
Anger and disgust
Realisation that he represents the audiences elected leaders

A change in perspective will be brought on after a massacre
Lead the legislative change

Idea: Gang warfare


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