Gang Interpretation of Lysistrata; Unit 4 - Notes

My gang interpretation for Lysistrata; can be used as a ground for creating an interpretation.

Covers lighting, costumes, sounds and context

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Directors Interpretation
My interpretation would focus on the rise in gang culture across the planet, but focus in on America
The `sub-plot' or message of the production would be about gun control in America
The Athenians would become the Crips and the Spartans the Bloods; the two notorious gangs that
have been involved in gang warfare for decades (similar to the Peloponnesian war)
When the wives and girlfriends of the gang members grow ashamed of themselves for what they
have become and what is happening, they decide to withdraw their part in the gangs operations:
withdrawing from prostitution and sex, refusing to trafficking drugs and stolen goods and then
taking over a local arms dealer to prevent them accessing weapons
Characters would wear personality matching, American, `in fashion' trends of clothing
For the gangs, on top of the core American clothing they would wear universal and generic gang
clothing including hoodies, big rings and chains
Bling will be used to set a status hierarchy between gang members and will replace phallus (comical)
The women's clothing will represent their vulnerability; the more revealing the more confident, the
more covered the more embarrassed and vulnerable
Dark colours to portray:
Darkness of the production
Red to represent blood and death
Men/Women Contrast:
Women will be in brighter clothes to show their innocence compared to the men
Red will show the women as the victims
Bling size will take on the exaggerated comedy of the phalis
Realistic gang clothing
Colours and size carry the symbolism of power, vulnerability and status
Darker as the play goes on to show the `mood'
Bright spotlight to show gang membership status

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Mixes to focus on both facial expression and body language
Naturalistic production will require a lighting style that helps create an authentic relative set
Lighting from above
When something bad or negative happens the lighting will drop and comeback up a bit dimmer to
show a bit of `light' has left the world
Cold colours to create a lonely and exposed atmosphere
Dark colours to make audience feel the mood and darkness of the play
Red lights to signpost…read more

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No specific stage shapes
Not set chorus area
Centred large stage
Audience seated all round the stage in a scattered arrangement to make easy audience member feel
like a passerby witnessing these events
Actors leave stage though audience after scenes to change
No levels, the actors have to physically change their height to show dominance
`Levels' actors create would balance throughout the duration of the performance
Acting Style:
Loud and well spoken
Bold, clever and articulate
To show the…read more

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To show how gang culture has made girls desire to look sexy and desirable and that it can make
some girls proud of their image
Show the change from `gang whore' to self-righteous
How people mourn her death ­ does her reputation affect this?
Movements and Gestures:
Seductive glide
Facial expression meant to excite people
In Relation to Other Females:
To most `confident' in her body
The most `sex driven'
Approaching the Character:
Get the actress to lose all nerves and become free and…read more

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Make the actress feel strong and empowered
Give the actress a reason to actually hate the gang
To at first judge the character her due to her image, but then realise she is just like the other girls and
is being vindicated because of her strong personality and appearnce
Start: Appears bold and cocky
During: See the reason behind her anger and her `hard face'
End: More confident in herself
Acting Style:
Reserved, small movements and rigid
The most timid character…read more

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Stereotypical gang leader
New motive from original, to show the actual vindictiveness of gangs
Movement and Gestures:
Big, intimidating movements
Lots of facial expressions
In Relation to Other Males:
Most vulgar
Objectifies the women unlike the Magistrate
Approaching the Character:
Lots of gang research
Arrogant and dirty
No remorse and guilt
Strong identification as the villain
No progression ­ showing even punishing people and changing the law won't actually change the
Starts and ends as a self-indulged pig
Kills Myrihhne,…read more

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Ego boos
Must be head strong and bold with how they move and communicate
Identifiably the government body
Anger and disgust
Realisation that he represents the audiences elected leaders
A change in perspective will be brought on after a massacre
Lead the legislative change
Idea: Gang warfare
Athenians: Crips
Spartans: Bloods
Peloponnesian War: Bloods/Crips gang war
Sex: Prostitution
Money: Holding Drugs
Power: Guns
Acropolis: Armsdealer
Lysistrata: Head `gang member girlfriend'
Magistrate: Represents desire for armed protection higher up the social spectrum
Feminising the…read more


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