Electra's Relationship with Chrysothemis

  • Created by: Isabella
  • Created on: 11-05-14 17:42
  • Electra and Chrysothemis' relationship with quite complicated. Their scenes help to define Electra as a character.
  • Electra's rebellious behaviour and strong loyalty to her father contrast with Chrysothemis' obedience to their mother and her view of traditional female roles.
  • Chrysothemis sees Electra as lacking good sense whilst Electra sees her as a coward betraying her family
  • Chrysothemis sees that Electra is fundamentally right, but is afraid of disobeying Clytenmenstra, for example she wants to conceal that she has not yet carried out her strict instructions of laying the offerings
  • It is clear that Chrysothemis has some concern for Electra- warns her of Clytenmenstra and Aegithus' plans
  • Electra points out that Chrysothemis has a life of luxury which she is not allowed, not out of


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