Electra- Male Characters

  • Created by: Isabella
  • Created on: 29-04-14 21:12


Nature: Warrior, brave, cunning, hero of the play

Personality: Loyal to his family and wants justice for his father, strong

Relationships with others:

  • Electra: Cares for her, and wants to comfort her eg after they hear her crying (Could it be poor Electra? Should we wait and listen), is flattered by her grief (Pheu, pheu/I have no words for this, but I have to say something) and is overjoyed to be reunited with her (This is the happiest day of my life!/ The happiest, I agree)
  • Clytenmenstra: Depises her for killing Agamemmon, and wants revenge on her and Aegithus (neither how vicious my mother is, nor how Aegithus plunder Father's house), in which he succeeds (she'll never insult you again). He also hates them for their treatment of Electra (Such a solarity life is cruel/I see how cruelly you have suffered, utterly destroyed)
  • Tutor: Is very loyal to him, and trusts him as he follows


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