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  • Age 17
  • Black female
  • Played by Leaphia Darko

 Character synopsis

  • Sosa blames herself for the death of her thirteen year old sister, who was stabbed by a local gang two years ago
  • She finds solace in the music of North London rapper Makdown
  • Her social media is INSTAGRAM 
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  • Age 16
  • Black Muslim female
  • Played by Rujenne Green

Character Synopsis

  • Salena is a Zayn Malik (of 1D) superfan and collects his merchandise. 
  • She meets Rayah online, who she connects with because she is also a Muslim and Zayn fan. 
  • Her social media is TWITTER
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  • Age 17
  • Mixed race female
  • Played by Cristal Cole

Character synopsis

  • Eva has recently split with her boyfriend, Simon, over allegations that she cheated on him. 
  • She is an aspiring dancer and uploads dance videos to YouTube, teaching others how to dance.
  • Her social media is YOUTUBE
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  • Age 17
  • Black male
  • Played by Makir Ahmed

Character synopsis

  • Simon has recently broken up with his girlfriend, Eva, after finding out she had cheated on him. 
  • Simon regularly plays Call of Duty with his friends, JC and Andy
  • His social media is C.O.D MESSENGER
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  • Age 16
  • White male
  • Played by Joe Pierson

Character synopsis

  • Simon's friend. He tells Simon that Eva has been cheating on him. 
  • JC used to have a crush on Eva, but she turned him down for Simon.
  • JC uploads Eva's nudes to Facebook and sends her threatening messages and calls.
  • His social media is FACEBOOK 
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Andy and Rayah


  • Played by Bradley Cumberbatch
  • Black Muslim male
  • A friend of Simon and JC, who is often playing Call of Duty. 
  • His social medias are FACEBOOK and C.O.D MESSENGER


  • Played by Shala Nyx
  • Arab Muslim female 
  • Lives in the ISIS Caliphate 
  • Makes attempts to radicalise Salena
  • Her social media is TWITTER
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