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Dealings with the nobility - EIV 2nd reign

  • Recognised most effective gov based on co-op btw king + nobles 
    > made use of their desire for stability + order
    > nobles chosen from their effectiveness not just loyalty
  • Nobles respected EIV mil. skills, shared enthusiam for chivalry + appreciated willingness to trust + involve them in gov
  • Worked towards reconciliation - not revenge
    > imposed fines + pardons
       ~ eg. Lord Stanley
  • Rewarded those whom were loyal to him
    > eg. Lord Hastings made Captain of Calais
    > eg. Earl of WW estates shared btw 2 bros
  • Continued policy he used in 1st reign
    > using trusted supporters, especially loyal family members to control large regions
    > men whom lacked ability excluded from control
       ~ eg. Henry Dof Buckingham + Willian Herbert
  • Increased royal authority 
    > after 1471 exculsion from local power of high individuals
       ~ eg. Buckingham m. sister of Queen + descended from EIII
       ~ William Herbert Eof Pembroke
    > both lacked ability but still hoped to dominate Wales and Marches

Nobility in Wales - 

  • William Herbert's death -> son not as capable
    > removed from earldom of Pembroke in 1479 and given Huntingdon instead
  • EIV filled power vacuum w/ Council of Wales
    > admin of whole of Wales…


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