Edward IV's Foreign Policy (2nd Reign)

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Edward's Foreign Policy

  • 1471 - 83 peiod of relative peace + security
    > EIV used income from crowns estates to pay gov costs
       ~ less need og parliamentary grants 
       ~ only called parliament 6 times
  • Commercial treaties, external peace and internal order revived trade
  • Successes:
    > England in stronger position
       ~ EIV expanded power base using regional magnates
       ~ launched successful invasions on France and Scotland
    > no/few battles or rebellions
  • Sept 1472: Treaty of Chateaugiron w/ Brittany
    > commit to invasion of Gascony or Normandy
    > Brittany feared French invasion so signed truce w/ France
       ~ still encouraged EIV attack
    > 1474: Treaty of London w/ Burgundy
       ~ EIV secured funds from parliment (£100,000 + Church £50,000)
  • EIV raised large army joined in Calais July 1475
    > no allies turned up 
    > French offered truce


  • EIV + LXI met at Picquigny (N.France) 29th Aug 1475
    > signed Treaty of Picquigny - 10yr truce agreement
       ~ pension of 50,000 crowns/yr paid to EIV
       ~ EIV left France on receipt of 75,000 crowns
       ~ no secret alliances made w/ any other countries
       ~ m. dauphin Charles to EoY
       ~ tolls + charges placed on English merchants w/in last 12yrs abolished
       ~ aid each other if faced w/ rebellion


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