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EIV Domestic Policy 1471 – 83


  • Mixed success

  • Big improvements on domestic policy of HVI in many areas

  • Lawlessness still prob throughout land

  • V. knowledgeable about nobles and gentry – knew who to depend on for good gov

EIV style of ruling:

  • EIV at heart of gov working w/ energy + interest

  • Aims to improve efficiency of gov
    > carefully selected men of ability to work
       ~ able men to make most of systems put in place
    > continued relying on nobility to keep their localities
       ~ eg. Stanleys in Lancashire + Cheshire
    > called upon nobles to offer advice in council when needed

  • Council after 1471 – increase in men of lower rank (men of ability) whom EIV could rely on
    > eg. Bishop Morton of Ely (went on the serve under HVII – appreciated as admin), William Lord Hastings + William Parr
       ~ relied on for judicial matters + policy decisions

  • EIV only 29 1471 = ability to charm his people
    > faced easier polit. Situation than 1461
       ~ eg. Deaths of HVI + Prince Edward = figureheads for opp removed
       ~ remaining Lancastrians peace w/ EIV
          - spared DoExeter + EoOxford

Kingship and Spendour in Court:

  • V.complex w/ diff personalities w/ vary levels of success
    > Conscious of power – prep to use anger
    > successful mil. leader
    > man described as lazy (eg. avoided invasion of France 1475)
       ~ became large in size w/ habit of avoiding work
       ~ fondness of women + wine

  • Expenditure neither frivolous nor selfish
    > needed to look magnificient
    > spent lavishly on finest craftesmen
  • Dressed appropriately to look the part
    > extravagant clothing
    > style never seen before
    > 'England's tallest king' - 6ft 4inches
    > positive view of health before French invasion 1475 -> after more negative


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