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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.

Background Supporters consequences What henry
Lovell Easter 1485: three minor noble Once failed Lovell ran to The Stafford's where It proved th
rebellion men (Francis Lovell, Humphrey Margret of burgundy. arrested and Humphrey henrys dyn
and Thomas Stafford) who had was executed. Thomas wasn't stro…

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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.

Yorkshir In 1489 parliament voted The leader john a That he sho
e subsidy for the war to protect chamber was hung for raise taxes
rebellion Brittany. treason. Northumbe
and York.
Henry Percy the earl of
Northumberland was in That the pe
charge of collecting it.…

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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.

Cornwall, amidst a tax
rebellion, but gets little support
and eventually surrenders to
Henry's troops. He is forced to
publicly admit his deception
and is then put into the stocks
before being thrown in prison

1498: Warbeck escapes from
prison and is recaptured;
Henry plants a…




a few mistakes - lovell rebellion was easter 1486. also not sure what you mean in reference to the simnel threat; what treaty are you referring to with maximillian in 1488..??? and you refer to warbeck in the simnel threat.. confusing notes

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