Pretenders, claimants and rebellions to Henry VII

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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.
Background Supporters consequences What henry
Lovell Easter 1485: three minor noble Once failed Lovell ran to The Stafford's where It proved th
rebellion men (Francis Lovell, Humphrey Margret of burgundy. arrested and Humphrey henrys dyn
and Thomas Stafford) who had was executed. Thomas wasn't stro
prospered under Richard and pled and was spared. enough.
fought for him at Bosworth, Lovell was crushed by
broke out of sanctuary and jasper Tudor and fled to Also It taug
tried to rebel against henry. Cumbria. henry that
needed to
The yorkists learnt that the laws of
they needed a prince to sanctuary,
stand up against henry made it imp
to plead sa
after an ac
Lambert First of all thought to be one of Earl of Lincoln: A Yorkist At the battle of stoke It was serio
Simnel princes in the tower by himself (a.k.a. John de Lincoln killed is killed; henry learn
Richard Symonds. la Pole) and therefore Simnel captured and put he is now d
eager to destabilise the to work as a turnspit in in Europe.
However his story changed Tudors ­ probably aims the King's kitchens! had to fear
when he didn't get much to take the throne 28 other rebels have chance of a
support and he claimed to be himself. No intention of their lands attainted from such p
the earl of Warwick, even making Warbeck King. countries.
though Warwick was in the
tower and henry even paraded Elizabeth Woodville: However o
him around to prove so. HVII's mother in law , bright side
who had her estates that he cou
1487 simnel is taken to Ireland seized by Henry, later on his nobl
to gain support. confined to a nunnery especially t
Stanley's. H
May 1487: Margaret of sends Margaret of Burgundy proved him
2,000 mercenaries to Ireland, was EIV's sister and strong king
where the Earl of Kildare therefore a Yorkist. a price.
crowns Simnel with a coronet
from a nearby statue of the Emperor Maximilian:
Virgin Mary Margaret's husband.
Wants to take over
Henry offers the rebels ­ being Brittany, resents
led by Lincoln - a pardon, which Henry's close
they refuse; he also displays relationship to it (he
the real Earl of Warwick, who stayed there safely
is ignored. during his exile).
June 1487: Battle of Stoke. Ireland
Elizabeth publicly crowned
Queen to unite the people.
1488: Treaty of friendship
signed with Maximilian

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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.
Yorkshir In 1489 parliament voted The leader john a That he sho
e subsidy for the war to protect chamber was hung for raise taxes
rebellion Brittany. treason. Northumbe
and York.
Henry Percy the earl of
Northumberland was in That the pe
charge of collecting it. But where dan
many believed they had and not loy
already paid it in their local their king.
Furious, a rebellion broke out in
April.…read more

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Pretenders, claimants and rebellions.
Cornwall, amidst a tax
rebellion, but gets little support
and eventually surrenders to
Henry's troops.…read more



a few mistakes - lovell rebellion was easter 1486. also not sure what you mean in reference to the simnel threat; what treaty are you referring to with maximillian in 1488..??? and you refer to warbeck in the simnel threat.. confusing notes

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