geog- world at risk- causes of climate change (physical)1

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  • Climate change is a long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns or average temperatures.

Little ice age; A cool period in Europe

Medieval warm period; warmth in the North atlantic climate. The 'Holocene' is our current warm period.

Long term climate change(Geological timescale);


  • icse cores are removed from ice sheets from greenland and the arctic
  • the ice cores reveal layers going douwn (similar to tree rings)
  • the layers reveals seasons of snowfall, compressed and relayerd over the years
  • Air bubbles trapped in the layers contain Co2
  • The ice sheets show oxygen isotopes


  • Helped to regulate climate change
  • Act as carbon sinks
  • Evapouration from oceans help to form clouds , vital for precipitation level regulation
  • Ocean currents help to spread out evenly, warm water from the equator, to bole poles.


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