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Daycare- Positive and Negative effects.

Daycare affects two main areas:

1) Cognitive developement- 'the changes that take place as a person grows older'

2) Social development- 'where the child learns to relate to to others and aquires knowledge and skills relevent to their society.'

The Positive effects:

+ When high quality of care and good consistency of care are both present, the child will improve their cognitive development as there is plenty of stimulus and one to one interaction.

+Andersson (1996)- concluded that the swedish children that had spent more time in daycare were judged to be popular and more socially skilled.

+Kegan et al(1980)- found that children who came from families that were economically disadvantaged, find daycare more beneficial as they can get more optimal care. However, this suggests daycare is only good for one group of children.

+ Children can become more independent and


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