Daycare- Importance of daycare research

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  • Daycare- Importance of daycare research
    • It has an impact of developing children's lives
    • It has become a routine part of the lives of a growing number of children, and so researchers want to know, does daycare harm children
    • There is no sound argument to prove it has a positive, negative or no effect at all on the development of a child, but there are various studies which support both sides of the argument
    • Daycare could be argued to be a form of short -term deprivation
    • Bowlby would see it as such, because it means the separation from the primary caregiver
    • The discussion of the effects of deprivation, attachments and separation anxiety are all applicable to the case of daycare
    • Research into daycare focuses of certain main areas
      • Social development
        • Relationships and interactions with other people and the ability to form healthy attachments
      • Emotional development
        • Feelings we have about ourselves and others, including learning to cope, being confident and not self conscious, and learning to become independent
      • Cognitive development
        • Development of cognitive skills, such as processing, perceptual skill, language learning and general development of the brain
    • There are four types of development, social development, emotional development, cognitive development and physical development
    • Whilst some research observes physical development of children the issue of daycare does not particularly concern this type of development
    • Both social and emotional development can be subjectively measured, which is a weakness of some of the work regarding daycare research


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