Day care

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Main options of day care

- Nursery based - away from family more contact with other children

- Nanny based - based on family settings

- Childminder - more contact with childminders family, child may also be with siblings

- Informal arrangements- little research nto this, unpaid and with neighbours or relatives. 

How does this affect the social deelopment of children

Anderson 1989 and 1992 found that children in day care were able to get along with other children better and were moe outgoing and sociable, than those who didnt attend.

Clarke stewart fund those in nurseries had better social development than those who were raises in family based settings. (1991)

Dilalla (1988) found those who spent more time in daycare were less cooperative and helpful in relation to other children. 

Violata (1994) by meta analysis…


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