Impact of day care on peer relations

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  • Impact of day care on peer relations
    • EPPE project
      • found that high-quality care was associated with greater sociability with other children - compared to that of 'home' children
    • Clarke-Stewart et al.
      • studied 150 children
      • found that children in group-based day care were actually more sociable and better able to negotiate with peers compared to 'home' children
    • Campbell et al.
      • found children who spent a long time in day care were less socially competent than children who spent shorter days in day care
    • Field
      • also found that children who had experienced high-quality day care showed more physical affection during peer interactions
    • Evaluation
      • The child’s experience will depend on the type of day care they attend, eg nursery or child minder
      • The age at which children start day care and the time they spend there each week are also important
        • as is the quality of day care the child receives
          • good quality day care should include, low adult:child ratio, low staff turnover, well-trained staff, stable attachment figure


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