Day Care

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  • Day Care
    • Mediating factors in day care
      • Individual differences
        • Certain attachment types might find adjusting to day care more difficult to other attachment types
      • Gregg et al
      • NICHD study
      • Age
        • Can't send children to day care before 18 months
      • No. of hrs in day care
      • Clarke-Stewart et al
      • Egeland and Heister
    • High quality day care
      • Low child to staff ratio - 3:1
      • Minimal staff turnover - child won't be able to form a close attachment
      • Sensitive emotional care
      • Qualified staff
    • Research implications into day care
      • Hospitals - visiting hrs
      • Robertson and Robertson
      • Child adoptions - adoption during sensitive period
      • Bowlby
      • Quality of parenting - emotional deprivation/privation may occur even when separation hasn't
      • Quality of day care - carers are taught to be the secondary caregiver, as opposed to the primary caregiver


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