Impact of day care on peer relations

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  • Impact of Day care on peer relations
    • Minnesota study found that securely attached infants go on to be more popular. Children who spent 20+ hours in day more likely to be insecurely attached
      • Children are different and respond to day care differently, Securely attached infants did badly in day care as they didnt need the compensatorycare. Insecurely attached children did better as they did need the compensatorycare
    • Clarke-Stewart 1994 found that day care children had an advanced social development
      • Found no difference in the attachment of kids who spent 30+ hours a week in day care compared to those who spent 10-
    • EPPE found increased independence and sociability in day care children
    • Crepps and Vernon-Feagans found children who started day care before 6 months were more sociable
      • Gregg et al found that children who started day care before 18 months experienced negative effects
    • Field 1991 found that the more time children spent in day care, the greater the number of friends they had


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