Civil rights - riots

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By 1964 it was in a bad situation - children had poor education and it was not rare if they were cared for by only one parent or even none. The renaissance left no money or white presence so people tuned to dope and alcohol.

Riot of Harlem was at the same time as the freedom of summer. The murder of an individual sparks a riot. There was a significant racial divide before violence.

The Watts riots
During the 1920's there was a 'great migration' Lots of black people moved from the South to up North in LA.
- William. H. Parker - LA.PD Chied (1950-966)
He encouraged police brutality and humilition of blacks in the community 'to show them who is boss'
- Marquette Frye, 21 years old was arrested for DUI and violence used. Family and local residents in Watts got involved by attacking police in return
- 31,000 and 35,000 took place in a 5 day riot. Media publicised it as communists and criminals who were destroying and looting their own neighbourhood

Riots and black power
In June 1966, James Meridith, the first black student to attend university in Mississippi started to march through Mississippi but was shot on the 2nd day so MLK took over.
#The black panthers were…


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