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Civil rights time line 18651968

1865 13th amendment slavery abolished

1868 14th amendment citizenship for all

187015th amendment voting for all

1890 Jim crow laws in the south

1909NAACP founded

1910 end of Jim Crow

1940CNO voting campaign

1941 America enters ww2

Roosevelt FEPC

1943 Detroit riots, William dawson in…

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Compliance established

NAACP protest over school closure in louisianna

1953 NAACP boycott a segregated school in Lafayette

1954 Brown vs board of education

White citizens council

1955 Brown II

Montgomery bus boycott signed

Emmett till lynched

1956 Southern manifesto signed

NAACP banned from Alabama

Browder vs gayle

1957 Little rock…

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1968 Memphis workers strike

Poor people's campaign

Martin luther king assasinated

Fair housing act.


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