Time line for As unit 1 Civil rights

A basic time line to display the outline of the civil rights part of AS History. It starts with the 13th ammendment and goes right through up until Martin Luther Kings assasination in 1968.

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Civil rights time line 18651968
1865 13th amendment slavery abolished
1868 14th amendment citizenship for all
187015th amendment voting for all
1890 Jim crow laws in the south
1909NAACP founded
1910 end of Jim Crow
1940CNO voting campaign
1941 America enters ww2
Roosevelt FEPC
1943 Detroit riots, William dawson in congress
1944 Roosevelt reelected, smith vs allwright
1945 allies win the war
Adam Clayton Powell in congress
Truman becomes president
Cold war
1946presidents committee on civil rights
Morgan vs Virginia
1947 to secure these rights published
NAACP boycott of new Orleans
Journey of reconciliation CORE
1948 Truman reelected
1949 William haist elected as federal judge
1950 sweatt vs painter
1951 committee on government contract

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Compliance established
NAACP protest over school closure in louisianna
1953 NAACP boycott a segregated school in Lafayette
1954 Brown vs board of education
White citizens council
1955 Brown II
Montgomery bus boycott signed
Emmett till lynched
1956 Southern manifesto signed
NAACP banned from Alabama
Browder vs gayle
1957 Little rock ­ civil rights act
1960 Greensborough sit ins ­ civil right act
1961 Freedom rides
Albany starts
1962 Albany ends
James Meredith
1963 Birmingham campaign
March on Washington
Kennedy assassinated
1964 Mississippi freedom summer ­…read more

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Memphis workers strike
Poor people's campaign
Martin luther king assasinated
Fair housing act.…read more


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