china - warlords nationalists and communists + dates

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1912- Sun yatsen handed over the presidency over to yuan shikai

          - the GMD formed

1912 - 1917 - yuan's rule of China

1913- yuan negotiated a large international loan for china as the government was very short of money and therefore had to rely o foreign support - but there were consequences for example having their finance in the hands of the foreign financiers therefore reducing china's independence further

1914 - the outbreak of the first world war however, china only enters in 1917

1915 - the 21 demands - which yuan agreed to further lowering his popularity as it was ver harsh on China

1916 - january- yuan decides to make himself emperor thinking that his popularity




These are useful notes to aid revision of China 1912-28 (the warlord era). They provide some structure when preparing for questions on the difficult middle section of 1900-49.

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