Chinese Civil War between the Nationalists and the Communists

You won't need all the information for the exam. It contains reasons why the communists won and a brief overview of the Civil War

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The communists come to power 1949 (brief)
Civil war with the Nationalists and why the communists won
Boxer Rising 1900 (nationalists): against foreign powers
1911 Revolution: end of the Qing dynasty and a republic is established. Yuan Shikao is the
first leader.
May 4th Movement: 3000 students on Beijing's Tiananmen Square protesting against the
governments weak response to the Treaty of Versailles (German's chinese territory handed
over to Japan)
Communists established in 1921; worked with the nationalists to get rid of the foreigners
and establish a new China
Nationalists AKA Kuimintan/Guomintang Communists AKA CPC/CCP
Led by Sun Yat Sen, dies in 1925 CCP founded in 1921, led by Chen
Replaced by Chiang Kai Shek Duxiu, helped to establish itself by
Chiang tackles the war lords and Comintern
`kind of' brings China under central Cooperation between the
control nationalists and communists in the
By late 1920s, nationalists are the 1920s
leaders of China
Chiang then decides to massacre his communist partners in 1927 ­ 10,000 killed by
In 1931, Japan begins its bid to invade and conquest China, with successful occupation of
Manchuria ­ Chiang let them have it ­ busy fighting the communists
Mao becomes the leader of the CCP in 1931
Mao launches the Long March in 1934 ­ retreat and establish their own communist
settlement/state in North China
o 12 and a half miles
o 8,000 started, only 5,000 survived
Communist party membership grew from 5,000 to 800,000 in 1940.
o Safer to live with the communists
1945, Japan withdraws
Civil war breaks out
Nationalists Communists
Why should the nationalist have won? Strengths of the Communists
Had American aid ­ Marshall Aid Headed towards numerical
o 250 heavy motor vehicles superiority
o $3 billion in aid Better solidarity and fighting spirit
America had unlimited resources Established a system of
Larger in numbers (troops and artillery democratic dictatorship
pieces) People given intense training and
They've been in power for some time political indoctrination
o In control of taxes, Had communist agents in
communication and train lines nationalist ranks
o more territory Land reforms / struggle meetings
Recognised by international powers
Why didn't they win? Why did they win?
Old fashioned Were pragmatic (adaptable)

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Conventional warfare style Nationalists didn't know how big
o communists changed tactics) the Communists were
Didn't have public support Use of guerrilla warfare
Resentment and defeatism spread fast
Troops were poorly trained
Control of territory was weak
Fractional rivilry in government
Phase Date Brief summery
1 July 1946 ­ May Guormindang doing better
1947 Communist army led by Lin Biao
Manchuria was the key conflict zone
Communists used guerrilla warfare
Turning point in Spring 1947 ­ unshakeable communist
control in North Manchuria
2 May…read more


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