CHARLES X 1824-30


Popular acclaim:

On his accession to the throne in 1824, the Comte d'Artois - now Charles X, was greeted with popular acclaim, unlike his elder brother. He was greeted with enthusiasm as he toured the country.

Chamber of Deputies and Peers:

In the Chamber of Peers & Deputies, he was well supported, and the majority of men in here were to his liking. The Ultra dominated Chamber now looked to Charles too restore them to their former glory.

Bourbon Dynasty:

The dynasty which had looked shaky in 1820, with the assassination of the Duc de Berry (Charles X's son) was now secure. Several months after the death of her husband, the Duchesse de Berry had given birth to a son, Henri, who was now 3. Charles had an heir and the dynasty was secure.

  • Impact of the coronation on the Ultras and the Pays Legal.
  • Still got a limited franchise.
  • The continuation of men from Napoleon's era in power who could not be counted upon to support the regime if they thought it was in their interest not to.
  • The links of Charles to the Ultras - can he cut these links after he becomes king?
  • All of this meant that when Charles was crowned with all of the pomp and ceremony of the ancien regime, he seemed ot heighten his fears that this would return under him.
  • Which meant that any actions taken by Charles would be closely scrutinised by those he could not afford to alienate.


  • Charles X was now a pious upholder of the Church and religion (not good for the pays legal) - the revolution removed the Church, the Pays Legal was against revolution.
  • Charles did not believe in the Charter or constitutional limitations. He stated that 'he would rather chop wood than reign in the fashion of…


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