Restoration Settlement

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  • Restoration Settlement
    • Finance
      • Charles was granted tonnage and poundage for life
      • Charles was granted £1.2 million in peacetime
    • Disbanding the Army
      • Arrears were voted by Convention and army was disbanded peacefully
    • Religion
      • Freedom for non-conformists did not materialize
      • 700 of England's 9,000 ministers were removed
    • Constitution
      • Charles became King without any impositions imposed on him
      • A bill that would have essentially confirmed Magna Carta was becalmed in the House of Lords through Charles' influence
    • Land Settlement
      • Charles left the matter to Parliament
        • Which left ad hoc methods of reclaiming
    • Indemnity
      • Breda promised a general pardon
      • In the end, 30 men were excluded
      • The Indemnity Act was passed on 29 August 1660
    • Militia
      • Charles was given control of the armed forced in two acts, 1661 and 1662


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