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Charles I of Spain.
By Esther Wilkinson…read more

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SPAIN, 1522-1556?…read more

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· Charles I spent 17 years in Spain, which is
more than he spent in any other part of the
· 1522-1529 Charles was in Spain, which was his
longest continuous period spent in any of his
dominions. This may be because it was an
important source of revenue for Charles, or
Charles growing pride and affection for his
Spanish inheritance.…read more

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· When Charles was not there he relied upon members
if his family to head his government.
· It was at first his wife, then after her death it was his
advisors, but then became his son.
· Philip remained Charles' regent until his accession to
the throne in 1556.
· Charles had a council that carried out checks on
Charles' regents and ministers to check that they were
following his instructions during his absences, but
1522-1556 is regarded as a tranquil time.…read more

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Isabella of Portugal…read more

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· A new council of State for governing Spain and
Germany was set up by Gattinara in 1522.
· In 1523 a council of finance was established.
· In 1524 the council of indies was established.
· In 1555 a council for Italy was created.…read more

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