1625 what problems was Charles facing?
had to deal with the debt that James left behind and had to deal with angry puritans. uneasy relationship between Britain and Spain, a lot of subsidies granted.
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What happened in 1625?
James died, Charles took over and Buckingham became advisor
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What happened in June 1625?
Charles summoned parliament to ask for war funds, they refused. Charles then dissolved parliament.
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What happened in 1626 with parliament?
they met again, Sir John Elliot (a member), hated Buckingham and wanted to charge him with treason, so Charles dissolved them again
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What role did Buckingham play in Charle's early reign?
persuaded Charles to go to war to support the French. he was made lord high admiral, the war was a failure so Buckingham was hated.
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What happened to Buckingham in 1628?
he was stabbed by John Felton, this angered Charles so he wanted revenge on parliament as he blamed John Elliott.
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What did John Elliott do to anger Charles?
stopped him being bale to raise taxes without parliaments approval, so sent him to the tower.
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What happened to parliament in march 1629?
it was dissolved - for the third time, Charles then ruled without parliament for the next 11 years.
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What happened in the 11 years that Charles ruled without parliament?
new roads, drained swamps, postal service, work for the unemployed, lots of artwork and restoring religious buildings.
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Who was William Lord?
was the arch bishop of Canterbury, he wanted to unite Scotland and England so introduced 'English prayer book to Scotland', Scots
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Who said to Charles the rebellion needed to be crushed?
Thomas Wentworth - said to be crushed it needed money which could only come from parliament so it was resembled after 11 years
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What happened after parliament was reassembled?
John pinn (leader of parliament) was very stubborn and not generous to Charles' demands. Pim refused any money until ship tax had been abolished, p dissolved but then recalled 6 months later.
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What happened 3 November 1640?
parliament met again, started a struggle between king and parliament. Pim focused on Wentworth (Charles' chief advisor)m
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What happened to Wentworth on the 10th November?
he was arrested by parliament for treason, Charles was threatened so had to allow him to be killed.
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What were Pim's demands to Charles?
Pim wanted Charles to dismiss his current advisors, this angered Charles as he saw himself as having divine right.
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What happened on the 13th January 1642?
Charles ordered 5 members of parliament including p to surrender the men.
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What did Pim continue to do?
to go against Charles - asked for armed forces to be under his control, he said no. he wanted to reduce Charles' power. he wanted control of army, church etc. Charles rejected demands, an army on both sides was raised
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22 August what happened?
Charles and supporters fathered in a field, civil war had begun.
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23 October 1642
the first battle took place at edge hill
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What did Oliver Cromwell do during the civil war?
created an army equal to the royalists to keep religion and peace
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What happened 14 June 1645?
decisive battle at Naseby - royalists outnumbered but then Cromwell appeared and they had clear victory. 4,000 royalists captured.
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What happened to Charles after the civil war?
p just wanted to reduce Charles power but he refused - so they trialed him and he was executed.
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When did Charles die and what happened after his death?
30 January 1649 - monarchy was over, England declared a republic , his son got the throne.
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What happened in 1625?


James died, Charles took over and Buckingham became advisor

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What happened in June 1625?


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What happened in 1626 with parliament?


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