Pride's Purge and the Execution of Charles I

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  • Pride's Purge and the Execution of Charles I
    • Pride's Purge, Dec 1648
      • Parliament had continued to negotiate with Charles after the second civil war
        • This angered the army
      • Colonel Pride stationed troops outside parliament and refused entry to those who supported a treaty with the king
        • This lead to the creation of the "Rump Parliament"
      • At first, the Rump considered whether to replace Charles with his youngest son Henry
    • Cromwell's Decision
      • Charles had continued not to make concessions with the army, believing that he was indispensable
      • Cromwell came to the decision that God's will could only be fulfilled with the trial of the king
    • The Trial of Charles I
      • 1st Jan - decision to put the king on trial. A few days later, the commons also passed a resolution that it could make laws without the Lords or the crown
      • The trial took a while to set up - it lasted from the 20-27th of Jan.
        • Charles was charged with trying to establish a tyranny, overthrowing the liberties of the people, and waging war on his subjects.
          • Throughout the trial, Charles refused to recognise the authority of the court and would not plead guilty
    • The Execution of Charles I
      • 30 Jan 1649
      • Charles gave a powerful speech and died a martyr in the eyes of many people. This, along with the legality of the trial, added to the problems Cromwell now faced


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