Catering - section one


Catering establishments

Catering establishment serve food and drink 

  • Commercial and non-commercial 

Most catering establishments are commercial - they sell food and drink to make a profit.

Some catering establishments are non-commercial - they don't need to make a profit

  • residential and non- residential catering

Residential catering establishments provide accommodation for their customers as well as serving food and drink

Non-residential catering establishments don't provide accomidation for customers

  • Contract catering

Contract caterers provide food and drink at places where it's not usually provided. They're often hired for private events

The food provided depends on the event

Contract caterers are also used at public events

The caterers either cook the food beforehand or they cook it at the venue

There are several advantages to hiring contract caterers for an event

  • The cateres organise the menu and the food
  • The caterers serve and feed the guests


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