case study: energy use in UK

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energy mix

  • main energy source is oil and gas- accounts for 80%
  • coal provides 10% energy and is less relied on onw than 50 years ago
  • nuclear power provides 7% and renewables provide 3% UK's energy supply

oil and gas

  • north sea found to have vast oil supplies in 1964 but extraction only started in 1974 due to 1973 energy crisis caused by OPEC energy shock fuelled by the yom kippur war, forcing UK to increase energy security by extracting from north sea as oil supplies were so low
  • north sea oil and gas depleting meaning increasing technology needed to locate and extract new oil supplies
  • oil is most ubundant fuel and natural gas is the least polluting fossil fuel
  • most accessible fuel for UK due to proximity in North sea
  • dependancy on oil and gas increasing as it is the easiest to extract and therefore the…


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