F763 The energy issue


The energy issue

what are the sources of energy and how doe these vary in their global energy pattern?

  • Non renewable
    • "a resource that has a finite supply and will not regenerate in a persons lifetime"
    • Fossil fuels
      • oil
        • most accessible oil reserves found in middle east
      • gas
      • coal
    • nuclear
      • case study - Germany
  • semi renewable
    • a resource that will regenerate within an average persons lifetime
    • wood
    • biofuels
    • nuclear
  • Renewable
    • wind
    • tidal
    • wave
    • solar
      • Photovoltaic systems
        • solar panels that convert sunlight directly into energy
      • Thermal power plants
        • focus suns energy onto a point to heat water and generate stem to turn turbines and generate electricity
      • Solar towers
        • greenhouse with a tall tower in the middle which heats air. warm air rises turning turbines as it does so
    • geothermal
    • water
      • water wheel
      • hydro
  • Pattern
    • LEDC's
      • Rely on wood, biomass, fossil fuels, and traditional methods (water wheels)
      • Case studies - Nigeria & Kenya
    • NIC's
      • rely on oil and gas and increasing levels of nuclear power. large hydro schemes becoming more common.
      • Case study - China
    • MEDC's
      • Reducing coal and oil and…


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