Primary Energy Mix in the UK Case study AS Geography

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Resource Base:

  • 38% Natural Gas
  • 35% Oil
  • 16% Coal
  • 9% Nuclear
  • 2% Renewables78
  • Own supplies of coal - not worth mining out - cheaper to import
  • move to less polouting oil & gas
  • produces own oil and natural gas -4billion barrels of oil reserves & large gas reserves

White Paper on energy

  • backed renewable energy & improved efficiency
  • uk needs to reduce independence on fossil fuels
  • nuclear could play vital part in adressing issue of climate change - low carbon emmiter
  • tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions bothwithin the UK and abroad; andensuring secure, clean and affordable energy as we become increasinglydependent on imported fuel.

Renewable sources

  • target to reach 10,000MW of…


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