Past questions - Philippines

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Explain how pyhsical and human factors have made Philippines a disaster hotspot (5)

The Philippines is an archipelago so it is mainly coastal and most of it's population live on the coast which makes them very vulnerable them to flooding and tropical cyclones. The Philippines also lies on the boundary between two tectonic plates (The Philippine plate and the Eurasion plate). The dense oceanic Philippine plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasion plate creating the Manila Trench. The plates move in a series of jerks producing an earthquake with every jerk (destructive plate boundary). This destructive plate boundary also causes volcanic eruptions due to the subduction process. As the subducted Eurasion plate melts in the Earth's mantle the molten rock (magma) forms a magma chamber which explodes violently due to the huge amounts of pressure being built up. In terms…


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