The Philippines

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  • The Philippines
    • Typhoons
      • Typhoon Bopha (2012)
        • Destroyed 90% of three coastal towns in Davao Oriental province
        • 400,000 displaced
        • More than 500 people died
      • Typhoon Saola (2012)
        • Dropped over 1.5 feet of rain over the Philippines
    • Tsunamis
      • Indian Ocean Tsunami
        • Epicenter  was off the coast of Indonesia
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    • Landslides
      • Guinsaugon landslide (2006)
        • It covered 3km squared and killed around 1800 people.
        • HUMAN factors
          • Deforestation that once protected the soil
          • Reduction of shallow rooted trees (such as coconuts) which prevented silitation.
        • PHYSICAL factors
          • 2000mm of unseasonable(February-dry season) torrential rain
          • 2.6 magnitude earthquake had hit
          • La  Nina
    • Questions
      • Explain how physical factors have lead to a range of hazard risk in the Philippines (15) June 2012
      • Explain why volcanic hazards are common in the Philippines but not on the Californian coast (5)June 2011
      • Explain how physical and human factors have made the Philippines a disaster hotspot (5) June 2010
      • Explain how tropical cyclones contribute to the risk of living in the Philippines; a disaster hotspot (4) January 2010
    • Volcanoes
      • Mount Mayon (2011)
        • $47 million in damage
      • Mount Pinatubo (1991)
        • It began showing signs of eruption in June 1990 with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
        • A 10km extrusion zone was set up but this was extended to 30km
        • 350 people died
          • Injury toll was only 4300
        • 80,000 hectares  of farmland was buried with ash disrupting the livelihoods of 500,000 farmers
        • Second eruption caused the side of the volcano to collapse creating a pyroclastic blast and huge lahars
          • Two week before the blast, the government produced a video showing the risks of pyroclastic flows and lahars
        • Economic loss was $710 billion-mainly agricultural and property
    • Earthquakes
      • 100% of the Philippines are at risk
      • Lies on a destructive plate boundary: oceanic (Pacific) and continental (Philippines)


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