Case Study (Urban): Squatter Settlement - Rio De Janeiro

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Urban Case Study: Squatter Settlement in Rio de Janeiro

Key Facts

  • Rio de Janeiro is in South East Brazil.
  • It has 600 squatter settlements known as favelas which house about 1 million people (one fifth of the city's population)
  • The Favela-Bairro project started in 1995 and involved helping 253,000 people in 73 favelas. 
  • It has been so successful that it is used as a model to redevelop other squatter settlements.
  • The funding for the project was $300,000 - 40% came from the local authority and the rest from the Inter-American Development Bank.

The project has brought Social, Economic and Environmental Improvements

Social Improvements:

  • Daycare centres and after school care have been set up to look after children while their parents work. This enables parents to work knowing their children are safe, thereby helping the family to raise…


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