squatter settlements

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  • Squatter Settlements
    • Illegal housing usually in poorer countries
    • Help Schemes
      • self help scheme
        • government supply materials, local people build houses
      • site and services scheme
        • pay small rent and borrow money for supplies
      • local authority schemes
        • funded by the government improving life
    • Case Study: Rio De Janeiro
      • facts
        • 600 squatter settlements, 1/5 of the population
        • Bairro Project
          • involves 253000 in 73 favelas, 40% of funding came from the government
      • social improvements
        • day care centres to look after children
        • adult education classes to improve litracy
        • services to help people with drug, alcohol addicitions
      • economic improvements
        • residents can apply to own properties
        • training schemes so they can learn and get better jobs
      • environmental improvements
        • replacement of wooden buildings with brick ones
        • widnening of streets for emergency/ easier access
        • basic services: water, electricity and rubbish collection


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