Rivers 2.2 : Boscastle case study

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    • Impacts
      • Short Term Impacts
        • limited resources in times of need
        • no transport
        • 75 cars and 6 houses washed to sea
        • several boats lost
        • people clinging to trees ,roofs of buildings and cars
      • Long Term Impacts
        • high mountainous land means that the water will flow quickly so it could happen again
        • Sparsely populated area means that there is a lack of resources in time of need
        • No electricity
        • Long term injuries caused
        • Financial issues caused replacing house and car
        • Loss of tourism (90% of economy)
        • 2/3 of tourism come in school hoildays
    • Causes
      • Human
        • Deforestation
          • less water intercepted
            • more water reaches the ground so less evapotranspiration
              • rapid surface runoff.
        • Narrow bridge in lower part of the village trapped debris and acted like dams
      • Physical causes
        • Heavy localised rainfall. 89mm in 1 hour
        • Saturated ground from previous rainfall
        • Topography of the land
          • Landscape acts as a funnel directing vast amounts of water into the village
        • Narrow river channel in village itself
    • Responses
      • Main bridge rebuilt so that it spans the river
        • spans the river and stops trees getting caught and blocking channel flow
      • River Jordan overflow culvert widened
        • stops the river from overloading and flowing down the road
      • River channel deepened by 0.75 m
        • increases river capacity and more water can flow in the case of a flood
      • river made straighter
        • allowed water to move more quickly
      • old bridge replaced with a modern bridge
      • Some of grass banks was taken out to widen the river
        • increased flow and capactiy
      • Trees and other follage removed from the edge of the river
        • cannot be caught in a flood
      • car park raised
        • stop cars being caught in a flood
        • avoids blockage in the channel
      • £4.5 million scheme to improve defences
    • Specific place detail
      • £4.5 million scheme to improve flood defences
      • 90% of economy is tourism
      • 89mm of rainfall fell in 1 hour
      • channel deepened by 0.75m
      • River Valency
      • 16th of August 2004
      • cost 15million pounds by 2005
      • 58 flooded buildings
      • 25 destroyed busissnesses
      • 100 lives saved
      • 7 helicopters came
      • River Jordan and Valency confluence


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