C3 Revision Questions

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1: The Periodic Table


Why is it called the ‘Periodic Table’?

How did John Newlands order the periodic table and what did he find?

How many elements were known at this time?

Why did ordering in atomic weights have problems?

What did Dimitri Mendeleev discover?

What did he do?

When were sub-atomic particles discovered?

What happened after these we discovered?

How are elements arranged in the periodic table?

Name 3 features of the Alkali Metals

Why are Alkali Metals stored under oil?

What happens when a metal hydroxide is dissolved in water?

What do alkali metals react with to form ionic compounds?

What are the products formed from the above reaction?

What are the 5 elements in group 7 called?

Name 4 properties of the halogens

Why do halogens have similar properties?

Why do they become less reactive?

What do halogens react with to make ionic salts?

What will a more reactive halogen do to a less reactive one?

Name 3 properties of transition metals

What is the difference between transition and group 1 metals?

2: Water


What does water naturally contain?

How is good quality water produced?

How do you improve the taste and quality of tap water?

How do you produce pure water?

What is the disadvantage of this process?

What determines whether it is hard or soft water?

Why does soft water form lather?

What is a feature of permanently hard water?



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